Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January 3

"There is snow on the trees and it's very different. There were little seeds on the snow."
"Miss Skilling and me found tracks and their little tails were dragging around."
We found more, bigger tracks.
"The sun was out!"
"I couldn't get on my sit spot today because there was ice on it."
"There was nothing left on the tree that we put the food decoration on. The animals ate it all."
"We actually found some popcorn and cranberries."
"My friend and I were making snowmobile tracks. My friend was putting the snow on the side so I could get back to the gate."
"I was making a dirt bike track and gate."
"We were making a trap for the 'bear'"
"I was on the group and I was trying to get on the vine."
"I was helping shovel the snow off of the shelter."
"I was digging the snow off the wood so it would be clean because it was the roof."
"My friend was making a snow angel."

"More tracks. We thought this was two animals."
"I was following the tracks. They ended at the big heap of snow."

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