Thursday, January 28, 2016

Do you want to build a snowman...

"Miss Skilling's group build a little snowman to help us stay quiet during our sit spot."
"It was a sit spot snowman."
"Friends found a little hill and we started to slide down it."
"The boys came over and we both were playing the game and the boys took up a too much room and made a big line."
"We were jumping on the hill and sliding down and too many were sliding down and it didn't work.  We got all piled up."
"I was making a garage for our sled."
"I was trying to help my friend to build more on to it."
"She made a snow creature."
"I did not add legs or a tail.  I only added some eyes, arms, ears, nose.  And he also has a smiley face."

"We were playing a game and we were trying to hide from everyone."
"We were hiding behind a tree."
"I rolled it because I wanted a giant ball because I love my beauty ball."
"I helped roll the ball."
"I got some sticks and I was chomping them in the tree. I also made a seesaw with it, but it already broke."
"Friends were building a snowman.  We were using evergreens for the hair."
"My friend and I were writing with sticks in the snow."
"We were writing letters of the alphabet."
"We were at the spray paint group and I wanted to do an oval and I also wrote the word  next to it."
"I made a sphere.  A sphere is 3-D. I painted it green instead of blue."
"We didn't have green so we mixed blue and yellow."

"That stick right in the middle, that looks like a walking cane, it is mine and we switched from stick to stick and we had a good choice so we didn't have to find another stick."
"We were measuring things and I measured my water bottle."
"I was measuring the bench with a rope and the bench was longer than my rope."
"I was measuring my string against the bench and my string was longer."

"Some friends were building a snowman and we made a snow cat to go with it too."
"I gave the snowman a cane."

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Finally, Fluffy Snow!

"We were walking to the woods and we were going to sit down in the woods.  There were different tracks where we went"
"And the path was snowy and slippery!"

"I was laying in my sit spot.  I saw evergreens."
"Some friends made snow angels."
"The clouds were moving."

"They were making an igloo."
"I was rebuilding."

"I got a stick and I wrote HI in the snow."
"Friends were pretending that the big stick was a horse."

"We were trying to make a teepee."
"We were using sticks and rope."
"They tried to tie it up, but it was breaking."

"We were plowing the snow with shovels."
"We were pretending to be trucks."
"We used the shovels to put snow on the igloos and it was really fun."

"This thing I had to climb up was I climbed up on a log and my teacher took a picture of us.  I got down and let other friends try to climb up.  I helped them get up."
"We were climbing a giant stump."
"I'm holding the stick."
"A friend was playing a game with us and then after the picture, and then friends wanted a turn so he helped me get on and then I slide off by myself.  Everyone was saying they could do it themselves."

"We were putting a stick into the water and we were all sledding down the hill."
"I was climbing up the hill and then after a friend went down the hill I was going to go down."

"We sledded down this big hill and we were trying to get up and then the teachers had to help us."

"Friends builded a sled out of sticks and for the breaks on the sled we made a little tree stump in the back on it and then we tried it out, but it didn't work."
"They kept trying to fix it when they were trying to test it."

"We were making hot chocolate in the woods."
"The pot melted into the snow because it was so hot and I gave everyone some hot chocolate.  I loved the hot chocolate because it seemed like it was really hot, but it wasn't really hot.  I just seemed like it was looking really hot because it was winter time."
"The stuff that comes above the pot is steam."
"It was so good!  It was amazing!"

"We were sledding down the hill and this is when we tested our sled."
"We were sledding down the hill on our bottoms."
"I was a little nervous at first, but then I was happy."
"We tested the sled and it didn't go well."
"We were sliding on the snow on our bum bums." 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


With the wind chill below 10 degrees, we were not able to go out into the woods today.  We look forward to more adventures next week.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Snow, Ice and Fire

"We were heading to our Wednesday in the Woods."
"We were walking across the snow and it was kind of like ice."
"We were trying to go down and sled but we weren't allowed to, or else we would get hurt.  The snow was slippery."
"We used the rope to go down carefully."
"We were also sliding on our bottoms."
"Some friends went super fast at the end."
"We were playing a kitty game."
"After we played the kitty game we made some noise with a stick.  I hit it against the tree and it made a noise sort of like ding.  We also cracked some of the ice.  I noticed that when I stomped on it one time, it made a crack sound."
"I was getting some pieces to make an igloo so that I could keep warm in my sit spot."
"We were building an igloo and some people were coming to help build it.  We were working hard.  We made windows and it was almost done but we couldn't finish it."
"There were people sitting by the fire to warm their hands."
"I lied down on my belly and took my gloves off to get warm by the fire."
"I was sitting there so that I could heat up."
"When I was sitting at the fire, I took my gloves off and then I went to find my friends."
"We were looking at the fire."
"I hit a stick on the snow and it made a tap noise, then I warmed up."
"I was warming up by the fire."
"We were building an igloo with ice.  We stacked them and we were going to make stairs."
"We were making igloos.  It's not finished yet.  We're trying to make it big enough for the whole class to go in it.  We're going to make a plan.  I was thinking that we should make a roof with windows, but we didn't make a roof because it's not finished."
"I saw them and then I joined in.  Then I went to find my friends, but I couldn't find them so I got a stick and dug a hole and then the whistle blew.  That means we have to go in to the circle."
"It looks much taller now.  We were trying to make it as tall as us."
"We actually had a a slippy part, so we grabbed pans and put them on our bottoms, then scooched our legs and got to the slippery part and went down.  We went up and down, up and down."
"I joined in on the fun way at the end."
"We stomped our feet into the ground.  When we stomped our feet, the snow and the ice broke into pieces and we stacked it on our igloo, but it's not all done."
"When we stomped our boots on our the snow, it made a lot of pieces for our igloo."
"When we were playing the kitty game, one friend had a great idea.  To cook dinner."
"I was making some soup because we were playing a kitty game and I was cooking.  One friend was our mom, and I was a boy and I was cooking for our kitties and dogs."
"We are walking up from Wednesday in the woods to go back to school."
"We were going up and I noticed that one tree that I saw looked like an X"
"We were going up to the school and we were holding on the rope and when we went in we put our boots against the wall in the hall."
"We also took our snow pants off and boots and jackets.  So we don't get really hot."