Thursday, October 20, 2016

October 19

"The leaves were falling off of the tress."

"I'm sleeping and i had leaves for a pillow.  Leaves actually make a really good pillow.  When you lay on them it makes it flat.  But they sometimes stick on your ear."

"The leaves fall like rain and the leaves cover the ground.  And the sticks get covered."

"They were picking up the leaves."

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"We were measuring a salamander."
"It has dots on it.  It's eyeballs were tiny and his tail was so big."
"It had yellow dots and black on its skin."

"A friend built a house and we pretended it was a farm."

"We were finding salamanders and we were collecting them and putting them in the pan."
"We were collecting leaves that had water them so that they could eat and drink."

"We were building a big house and we went inside of it."

"We were pretending we had a campsite."

"We made a fire to make popcorn!"

"We were water painting."

"We were painting our clipboard paper with water paint."

Thursday, October 13, 2016

October 13

"We are walking by the sandbox out to the woods with our new safety vests on."

"The leaves were falling!"
"I was shaking a tree to get the leaves."
"I found a root that wasn't on the tree and that mark on the tree."
"We were telling what we found that was different in our sit spots."
"My friend found that thing and brought it to me. We took a picture of it."

"I found an egg on a leaf (the white spot)."
"Miss Skilling found a leaf with these really cool lines."
"This little log had a whole that goes through it, the little tiny hole is at the bottom."
"I found these in my sit spot. I think they are baby worms."
"We were drawing things that moved."

"We looked for the letter A and then we held the sticks together."
"I made a K out of sticks."
"I was making an H."
"Here is my leaf collection."

Thursday, October 6, 2016

October 5

"We are sitting at our sit spots." 

"We are sitting at our sit spots quietly because we were seeing what's new in our sit spots."

"He was making a train station for his fairies."

"We were building a pool for our fairy house."
"We put in a waterside and a diving board."

"We were looking at a tree frog."

"They were touching moss around the fog too."

"We got to hang around."
"We got to swing on the vines."
"Our nature jungle gym."

"I wanted to make it up the vine and I really did it. It was really fun!"

"People were walking across the bridge."
"There was a split where the two waters (streams) meet."

"We found mushrooms."

"All different kinds!"

"I was sweeping the floors in the bathroom outside in the woods."

"The floor was filled with leaves."

Our bathroom!

"I was helping my friend rake the leaves."