Thursday, October 29, 2015

"The Awesome Woods"

"This student is coloring in a journal.  He's using the bench as a table."
"I'm drawing about the forest."

"This is a picture of two journals."

"I was drawing a leaf.  I was making a fire pit too."
"We are in the woods writing in journals."

"We were writing journals in the forest on the benches."

"I'm drawing.  I was drawing the fire pit."

"She painted a picture."
"We got the water from the brook."

"There's a flower and a rainbow and two more flowers and grass."
*This is a picture of what she thought the forest will look like in the spring.

"We were painting with watercolors."
"We painted the woods that we were seeing."

"Here is a tree with leaves falling."

"We were painting a frame to glue the leaves on to the paper."

"There was a number on the bag and we had to find something and put all the stuff we decided to put in there.  The number of the thing.  We collected 10 sticks."

"Those are the frames."

"We wrote numbers."

"We put a leaf under the paper and rubbed it.  I used yellow."

"I was leaf rubbing and I used a blue crayon."

"I was sitting in lots of leaves and I had a clipboard on my lap.  I kept finding leaves until I had not enough room to use one side, so I used the other side of the paper."

"I was leaf rubbing."
"Pink is my favorite color."

"The photographers took loads of pictures."
"The students were the photographers."

Fun with Games!

Today (October 21st) we had a blast playing Predator & Prey and Camouflage!
We also really enjoyed journaling outside!  In our classrooms we have individual journals, but in the woods we have shared journals.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Many Hands Make Light Work!

We hosted a family work day in the woods today, and we were really pleased that 9 families came to help out.  With moms, dads, big brothers and sisters, and kindergarten students we were able to accomplish a lot!  Our space just keeps getting better and better!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Change is in the Air...

"The leaves of the canopy are changing colors."
"The leaves are falling."

"The leaves are on the ground.  They are changing colors."

"The leaves are changing from green to the different colors of fall."
"There's more room to play, because the sticks moved.  We moved them to make our path."
"There are more leaves on the ground."

"These leaves have already fallen."

"The kids are pointing to really small holes."
"We think that maybe a woodpecker, a coyote's claws, termites, worms. spiders, or ants could have made the holes."

"This girl is sitting at her sit spot on a log."

"We found pink stuff on a dead piece of wood that was turning white."
"It was peoples' favorite color and it looked like paint."
"We used some sticks to paint with it on the same dead log and on other trees."

When we came back inside, we looked it up.
It's called wolf's milk slime.
It grows on dead wood.
It grows from June to November.

"A pretty leaf!"

"We were playing that this was a sea-saw."

"We are walking to our benches in the woods."

"I was carrying a long stick with my shirt."

"We are reading a book called Not a Stick."
"Sometimes the stick was a sword, fishing pole, a spear or a paint brush."

"We were lining the path of the trail.  We were carrying a log."
"We had to do teamwork!"

"The pathway."
"We were pushing a log to line the path"