Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April 20th

"Me and my friends were playing hide and go seek and we were hiding."

"I was holding a big piece of bark.  It's like a dinosaur back.  It had moss on it."

"We were playing hide and seek."

"We were trying to make a log house for Miss Soule."
"The stick was too long."
"I stood on one stick and it broke."

"I made chocolate stew for all of the adults."

"I was climbing a tree and everyone else wanted to do it.  Then we made a line so that everyone could have a turn."

"We were making a tree house for the fairies and we are almost finished."

"Me and my friends were eating lunch in the fort."

"Me and my friends were playing the little mermaid with our phones which were made out of bark."

"Me and my friends were eating by a tree and playing jokes.  We used a stump for a table."

"We were painting walking sticks."

"We were supposed to find things that started with the letter, like say if we found a stick we would write it on the s and we would spell it or draw it.  I decided to do both, draw and write."

"We were making scavenger sticks."
"We had to find stuff like sticks, leaves or bark on the ground and tie it to the stick."
"I made a camo scavenger stick."

"The first group made the letters on the cookies."

"We were doing ABC cookies and we had to find words that Miss Skilling said.  We had to get the cookies and get them in the right order to spell the word."

"I was eating lunch in the sun with Ms, Rasco."

"We went on a hunt to find nonliving and living things."
"We found ferns.  They were living."

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 6th

"We're getting ready to go down to the woods."
"We're singing The Forest is a Wonderful Place."

"I was walking to find dirt under the leaves."
"The ground is half snowy and half leaves."

"I found a tiny flower under a log."
"Friends are eating their snack and trying to warm up by the fire."
"Me and my friend were playing a karate game and we were pretending to chop the sticks."

"We went on a hunt for some tracks and we some cat, weasel and grey squirrel tracks."

"I was helping Ms. Soule with the hot chocolate.  I counted all of the cups and she poured it in."

"I was writing words with Ms. S."

"My friends and me were trying to get the rest of this stump down."
"We used sticks with pointy ends."
"We were digging holes down and one student dug a hole down and through, and then my stick and his stick met because we were digging the same way."

"My friends and me were playing Mrs. Wishy-Wahsy and each of us were characters."

What could have scratched this tree?

"I was pretending a pair of sticks were crutches."

"I was playing bakery with my friends."

"I was pretending that I was a sloth because that's my favorite animal.  So I pretended on a branch."

"We found tracks on our way into the woods, and I think they might be turkey tracks."

"We think they're little mouse tracks because there was a little tail dragging."
"The tracks led into the log."

"We were telling stories.  We were telling about our families."

"I was laying on the tree while I was trying to read my list of things to do (on the bark)"

"We were climbing a big stump and jumping off it."