Wednesday, April 11, 2018

April 11

"It was sunny!"

"I was in the hammock."

"I was lucky to be in the sun.  It was really bright, and warm."

"I was building a fort."
"I was trying to tie my scarf to the tree to hold it up better.  But then it fell."

"I built a little cafe."

"I was getting mud for cement.  I was trying to put the boards together."

"We were building a castle."

"I was trying to unstuck them, but they were frozen."

"I was on a micro hike, and I was looking underneath the leaves and I found a bud that is starting to sprout form an oak tree."

"Mrs. Hull found one too!"

"I was doing the micro hike.  My trail went over a log."

"I thought I saw a creature in the log."

"I'm looking closely at something."

"I was looking around and I found a big enormous pipe near the stream."

"I was looking at Mrs. Brown and I saw a green jacket and black pants."

"We were using cold coals to draw."

"I was drawing a picture."

"I was drawing a picture of a camper."

"I made a hand."

"I was hiding from the fox because the fox was trying to eat us."

"I was playing squirrel and fox.  I counted to twenty and I tried to find everyone.  I said "I'm hungry!""

"I was trying to look for the squirrels, and I had caught one friend.  When I couldn't find the squirrels I said "I'll get you next time!""

"I was counting to 30 and then I had to look for the squirrels."

"We sat in the sun because it made us warm."

"I was sitting on the bench that my friend made and I was eating a hot dog that was cooked on the fire"

"We were reading a book about spring."

"I was testing my stick and it floated."
"We were challenged to pick something up in 30 seconds, and it had to fit in the bin.  We put the stuff in the bin one at a time to see if it would float or sink." 

"I tried bark and it floated."

"I was testing my pine cone."

"I put in a leaf.  It floated."

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

April 4

"I was climbing on my friend's sit spot because the tree is part of our family."

"My sit spot was different because some big kids made a cool thing."

"I was making a drum.  I had two sticks.  I found that when I hit the part that doesn't have bark, it makes one sound, and when I hit it with the bark on it makes a different sound."

"We were making a new fort, and next Wednesday in the woods we're going to make a ginormous wall on our fort."

"We were getting sticks for our bakery."

"That was comfortable!"

"I was taking a break when we were doing the bridge and the house."

"I was a koala."

"We were trying to make a place for animals.  We had to move boards off of our bridge."

"We were making a house for an animal sanctuary.  We used the boards from the bridge."

"I'm just chillin'!"

"I was making a little fort."

"I had mud on my face!"

"I was hanging up side down!"

"I was trying to make a wall for the bakery."

"We were scraping off the bark of sticks and polishing them."

"I slid off the bark of that piece of wood."

"I was looking through the bark like a telescope."

Chillin' again.

"I was climbing on the fort that we made."

"My face was covered in mud!"

"We were building a fort.  Just incase it started to rain, we could go in it.  It's not finished.  We still have some sticks to put on it."
"The fort probably won't stay up in the wind, but it is likely to survive in the rain."

"We were drilling holes to make wells."

"I was making pizza.  After I made some dessert."

"I was jumping in puddles!"

"We were super muddy on our faces!"

"I was making my favorite recipe."

"I was stirring up my favorite recipe."

Muddy fun!

"I was playing in the mud because I love mud!"

More mud baking.

"I was balancing."

"We were riding our horses."

"I was journaling about playing forts with my friends."

"I was journaling about what I was doing in the day."