Wednesday, November 14, 2018

November 14

"I was sharpening 'pencils'.  I was pretending."

"We were jumping up and down on the branch.  We were having so much fun, we were not stopping."
"We were bouncing!"

"We were waiting in line to climb."
"My friend was trying to get up the try."

"I was hanging like a sloth."

"We were hanging like sloths."
"We were a sloth family!"

"We were making ice cookies."
"We were playing family."
"We were trying to dig the ice off of the bench."

"We were making a surprise party in our little house.  We made it all by ourselves!"
"When we saw our friend, we would hide somewhere."

"I was climbing up on a very branchy tree."

"We were making a marble run."

"We were rolling a tennis ball down the track."

"We are making a marble run with sticks down the bank."

"We were picking up sticks to make our marble run."

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

November 7

"It was a blue sky!"
"The sun was shining."

"We were sitting on the trees that fell."
"There is sun behind us."

"We took a picture of the sun shining on our woods space."

"I was building a little structure in my sit spot."
"We were at our sit spots building stuff."

"I was sitting at my sit spot."

"There aren't any leaves!"

"I was sitting at my sit spot driving a car that I made."

"This is the mini fort I made for a little slug."

"We were listening to music. We were watching the people play the drums."
"They are 6th and 7th graders."

"They were drumming and I liked the drumming."
"It made my heart go boom, boom, boom!"

"We were resting in the hammocks and we were playing a little game called being a butterfly because we were pretending they were chrysalis."
"You can sleep in them."

"I was hanging out in the hammock."

"I was making a cocoon."

"We were relaxing in them and having fun."

"We were helping Mrs. Hull make money bread."
"I liked it. It was good!"

"My friend and I were playing WildKrats."

"My friend and I were playing house."

"I was climbing on the tree and I was trying to climb to the tippy top of it."

"I was trying to take some bark of the stick. I found a stick that looked like a wrench."

"We were grabbing the swing and swinging it."

"I was climbing. I was showing my friends how to climb."

"We were trying to get the hula hoop all the way around. And we did it!"

"We were going through the hula hoops."

"We were going through the hula hoops and we had to hold hands and we couldn't let go."

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

October 24, 2018

"We were walking into the woods and we were holding tools, to work."
"We were carrying tools to get prepared for winter."

"During sit spots, I saw leaves and I sang a song.  I saw a tree, and more trees, and the sky."
"There were sticks and leaves on the ground."
"The ground was very leafy and it was wet!"

"We were not sitting at our sit spots because the ground was wet."
We were moving our bodies to get our bodies warm."

"There were dark clouds, and it was raining."
"There were leaves falling down, because the rain is pushing them down."

"We were bringing down logs for our fires.  We're getting ready for winter."

"We were carrying wood into a pile."
"We also stacked some wood in the shelter."

"He was using a type of tool that chops woods in half."
"He was chopping wood up."

"They are raking the leaves."
"We were clearing the path."

"We were sitting there trying to get warmed up."

"The wood stack in the shelter.  It will dry off and we can use it the next time we go in the woods!"
"We stacked it in the shelter to keep it dry for fires."

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

October 17

"There are green and yellow leaves."
"The trees have been changing different colors."
"There were more leaves on the ground, the trees don't have lots of leaves on them."

"We were walking down the steep hill."

"We were walking on the bridge to go get our nuts."
"We were walking over the bridge and there was a bunch of leaves on it and there was water under."

"We were looking for nuts because we were squirrels!"

"We were being squirrels and chipmunks gathering nuts because we are going to eat them during winter."

"We had to hide our food so the other squirrels couldn't get it after we searched for the acorns."

"We were going up the hill. It was steep."

"My friend found a spotted slug."

"I was trying to break a dead tree."

"We got to collect red, green, yellow leaves."
"We were looking for colorful leaves."

"I was in the tree."

"We had to find our nuts!"

"We were finding our nuts."
"We had to remember our spot."

"I remembered where my nuts were."