Wednesday, October 18, 2017

October 18

"I noticed that there aren't really that many leaves on the trees because they have all been falling down." 
"We are picking up pinecones."
"We were picking up pinecones for our fire."

"I was laying in my leaf pile."
"The leaves are all falling down on the ground."
"We were looking for bats, but we were imagining it was night time."
"We were pretending we saw bats and eagles."
"I found the letter u and v."
"I pretended that this log was a fish. It has a dorsal fin and sword on the front. It's a half swordfish and half shark fish."
"I was raking the leaves on the path because the path was all covered in leaves."
"It looks like a rainbow."
"I made it look like it had a little Christmas tree and so I wanted to decorate it so that it looked like it was Christmas. It was in my fairy house."
"We were trying to warm up hands."
"I was getting the leaves away from the fire because I know fire safety."
"I was winding the fire so that the fire got bigger."

"The pan was starting to over flow."
"We were near the fire, warming up and helping make the fire go."

"We were eating noodles with cheese."

"We were throwing leaves at each other."
"I was doing the leaf rubbing."

"My group was finding stuff that was the same."
"I'm putting sticks in there"
"We had bags that had numbers on them and then we would find things of the same number and put them in the bag."
"We were climbing the tree after we did our numbers."
"I was on the tree on the down part. And I was climbing really good."
"We were doing a bat game where some people got to be the bats and have a sound and you make the noise and then you try to find your food. Your food calls back to the bat. And that is echolocation!!"

"We were reading books and learning about bats."