Friday, February 26, 2016

Another Rainy Day!

"I drew a shark in the snow, because my friend did and I wanted to too."

"That's me climbing on a tree like a monkey."

"I was plowing and a friend's mom was scraping the ice.  She was the sander truck."

"Me and my friends were trying to spell cat.  We got paper words to try to spell our names. "
"We were snacking and one group was working with a teacher."

"I was roasting a marshmallow on a stick."

"I was balancing a snowball on my head, and it was pretty easy."
"We were trying to get in to the picture!"
"They were trying to photobomb her."

"This is the nature flag that Miss S's group made."
"The symbol was a "W" that was standing for Wednesday in the Woods."
"The trees were for nature."
"The exclamation point is there because Wednesday in the Woods is awesome!"

"We made a nature flag.  It was like the United States flag of America.  The little x's are the stars."
"We were trying to make the stars, so we just made one down and one across."

"We were doing the obstacle course and we all did one part and made some stuff to make the obstacle course.  Some of us added sticks and we had to run around them and go under stuff."
"We first made some snowballs, and in the end they were gone.  We had to throw them in the basket.  The basket was a hollowed out tree."

"I was on the obstacle course and I was walking on the line."

"I was going under the stick and we had to do the obstacle course.  It was kind of hard.  After we went under there we had to touch the branch over our heads.  And then we gave the evergreen a high five."

"For the stars we used little things and we used sticks for the stripes."

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Trip to the Theater

Instead of going in to the woods today, we took a field trip with the first and second graders to see "The Monster Who Ate My Peas".  It was a great show!  We did miss our time in the woods though, and we look forward to being back out there when we return from vacation!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Wet Wednesday In The Woods

"We were walking to the woods."
"We are walking through water and ice."
"Rain was falling down from the sky.  We also walked on snow."

"We were bringing firewood down to the woods."
"My dad dropped the wood off last night with me."

"The wood was soggy and got on my hands."
"The wood was heavy."

"When I was carrying lots of pieces of wood in my hand, I had to also hold on to the rope."
"The path was icy and slippery and muddy."

"Some friends were standing and looking at the water they were standing in."
"I was sliding on the ice and water too."

"We were poking holes in the snow, pretending it was a grizzly bear."
"I was jumping off of it."

"We were picking up wood and bringing it down to the shelter."
"We were carrying the wood down to stack it in the shelter, so that it wouldn't get wet.  But we didn't get all of it."
"We were doing it at free choice time."

"Me and my friend were stacking wood until it got to the top, and then we would stack it on the side.  It was fun."
"We made a line, and we kept stacking it on top of each other, on top of each other and on top of each other."

"Me and my friend were building a roof for his sit spot.  But we didn't finish."
"We tried to make it stand up, but it keeps falling."

"We were walking and we got to see a new bench spot."
"We went for a walk in the woods, and to get over the stream we went over a stick bridge."

"The sky was not blue, it was white."

"A chipmunk or a squirrel could have put acorns there.  He probably ate one half."

"I found a hollow tree and another friend found a mushroom inside it."
"Would a mushroom hibernate?"

"We found benches and some of us went through them, and some of us jumped over them and some of us just went the other way."
"The benches will be our new bench seats at our new learning space."
"It's going to be another outdoor classroom."

"It looked like a spider."
"It's a root."
"It looks like it could be a mouse playground."
"It was awesome."