Thursday, December 17, 2015

Is It Really December?

"I was laying down and put my legs on the tree and I found a flock of birds and I found a little chipmunk jumping from tree to tree."

               "We were talking about if we heard something.  We did heard a flock of birds."
                    "This was a students bench that they made out of sticks in the woods.  Three students were sitting on it."

"Three students were trimming some bark off of a tree that was the teachers sit spot.  I said that if we take more off of it, we would get it ready for winter."
"We were trying to make it be like snow."
"We were knocking off the bark which would not keep the tree warm, so we might have to build a house for it."
"We were trying to break a stick."
"Some students made the stick turn into a balance beam."
"We were sliding down a big hill and it was starting to erode, but at first there were just leaves."
"We climbed up by sticks in our hand and then putting it into the ground and then climbed up."
"We thought it was a water slide."
"She is carrying a log and she was bringing it to the woods and then she was making an obstacle course."
"We made a standing thing and we stand on the logs.  And that's a challenge.  We made a challenge."
"She is standing on a log.  And walking on the other ones."
"We were walking across the balance beam with sticks to hold us up."
"And one time when we were walking across the balance beam we made it move."
"They were trying to pick it up to get to the top of the hill, but it was too heavy for them."
"I was walking across the balance beam without a stick and I fell off once and then I got off."
"It was so fun doing that.  It was super fun.  And we were walking along with sticks and sometimes we didn't have sticks."
"We had another challenge, it was a small balance beam and it was a super hard challenge."
"I started building a little house, making it into a little fort and then a teacher started helping me and I played a game in it."
"We were playing a game called frozen fever, we mixed up the words and did a little bit of different acting.  And all of us had a pet, one was a kitty and there were two humans."
"Part of this was from my fairy house, it was built right next to my fairy house."
"We were hanging shapes on the tree branches.  They were shape necklaces"
"We split up in groups and we tried to find all the shapes that are on the necklace in the nature.  I broke a piece to make a square."
"A student found a rectangle on the billy goats gruff bridge."
"A student found a circle on the log.  It's round like a circle, so it's a circle."
"A student was looking for shapes and she found a circle and she had to make sure it was a circle so she took her necklace off and then she took her circle shape tool and she made sure it was a circle and it was a circle."

Friday, December 11, 2015

"The shelter was different,  It is kind of shaped like a triangle.  When the rain goes on top, it will slide down off the other side, and the snow, so it won't drop."
"It looks like a ramp in the back."
"It looks like a jump because the back end is down and the front end is up."
"There's a space for fire wood."
Two students' fathers helped to build the new structure.  THANK YOU!!!
"I'm laying down looking at the sky.  When I looked up I saw birds.  When I looked down I saw something that looked like a bed.  It was a big pile of leaves.  That's why I'm laying down."
"I'm sitting in my sit spot."

This week we learned three new games: 'Bear, Salmon, Mosquito', 'Coyote Cache' and 'Jump the Creek'.  They were all very fun!
"We're playing a game called 'Bear, Salmon, Mosquito' and we were planning to be a fish or bear.  We were huddling up so that the other group wouldn't know what we were."
"We lined up and faced each other.  Then we said our animal, and one team would chase the other if they were the animal that ate the other animal."
"Bear beats fish because bear eats fish.  Fish beat mosquito because fish eat mosquitos."

"The person guarded the ribbon, and two people went in at once and tried to get the flag."
"It's called Coyote Cache.  We were trying to get the things from between the people's legs.  And one student is running towards the person that is protecting it.  It's a really, really, really fun 100 reallys."
"We're trying to get the orange thing and the student is trying to tag us when we try to get it."
"This is Coyote cache.  Me and my friend are trying to get it away from him.  Whoever gets it wins."
"You have three lives, and if someone tags you have 2 and if you get tagged again then you have 1 and if you get tagged again you have none and you don't get to play, but the others do.  But then the games starts again."
"If you get the bandana then you win and you're the coyote."

"She's making a wind measuring tool."
"She's putting green things on the stick.  They are are going to blow."
"It's a wind gauge."
"The wind gauge blew when the wind was blowing.  The paper blew.  When the wind was not blowing, the paper can't blow.  It just settles down and does nothing.  When there's a gentle wind, the paper blows gentle."
"We are going back to our benches and we're sitting next to the partner we were with when we were using the wind gauges."

We also had two more offerings...

Jump the Creek:
 "First the creek was small, but every time it kept getting bigger.  We were using jump ropes for the sides of the river. You had to jump over the creek.  When the river was really big, we fell a lot.  If you got your feet wet, you'd have to get on your back and shake feet to dry them."

Billy Goats Gruff:
"People went under the bridge and they were trolls.  There were billy goats too.  Ms. R read the book and we acted it out.  Then we acted it out ourselves."
"When we crossed the bridge we said trip trap trip trap or something.  The troll said 'who's on my bridge?'"

Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Wet and Icy Morning

"We weren't walking on the stairs because the stairs were slippery.  It was wet outside, and cold and icy."

"We're walking down into the woods."

"The bridge was icy because it was raining and it was cold out."
"It needs to be 32 degrees to freeze water."

"There were bubbles.  The water was bumping down the tree and making little bubbles."

"We ran a couple of laps because we were cold and we had to warm up."

"I made a seat with sticks.  There were two fallen trees and I decided to put on a lot of sticks.  It rocked a little bit."

"We are eating snack in our shelter because the benches were wet.  It rained and then it got cold and the ice got on the benches."

"We were playing and our faces got dirty and our clothes got dirty and wet."

"I saw a tree with water.  The water was on the tree and going down the tree.  It was beautiful."

"They are trying to protect a triangle ice."
"We were covering the big chunk of ice and pretending it was a crystal for the game.  Then we broke it in to pieces so that everyone could have one."

"We were doing hula hoops so that we could keep warm."

"We were making a fortress."
"It was in my sit spot.  We were trying to make a fortress so that the rain wouldn't hit me."
"We didn't finish it."
"I took a short stick, and made hole because that's what I needed to do.  Then I took a big stick and hit it, and it broke the long stick."

"We are in my fortress.  My friends and I made it and then I went with my dad and sister and we made it more.  It has a little hole that you can see and it's camouflage."
*Later in the day a student hid in this fort while playing camouflage.

"She said she was going to hibernate."

"I was building a little hut for the fairies to go in if the fairies' wings get wet and they need to dry off.  If they need to keep safe from other animals they can go in there."