Wednesday, September 20, 2017

September 20th

"We are sitting and being quiet because we are in sit spots"
"We find things in our sit spots by looking around."
"I found it on a tree at my sit spot. I stood up and got it. It was the most beautiful."
"I saw the tail when I was looking at it and it was inside the log."
"I saw his head poking out."
"This is (could be) a poisonous caterpillar so we didn't touch it."
"I found it on the bottom of a stick when I was making my fort. They are slugs."
"We think it's a slug egg."
"It's the trees and you can kind of see the sky."
"Most of the leaves are changing colors."
"We were making a plan to be safe with the 'swing'"
"Three people on the swing for three minutes, to be safe and fair."
"It was pretty funny."
"We were on it, and my friends Builder Beaver and Moseying Moose were on it too,  and I was on the back. It was pretty fun!"
There are many leaves falling!
More clean up!
Helping with clean up!
"We read a book about all the animals that use tree's as their homes."
"We started to build a bridge."

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A Bathroom is Built

"We think we found beech nuts."
"We found them on the ground and there were a bunch."
Some friends said "They feel like pricker bushes"
Others said "They felt like cactuses."
Yet others said "They weren't that prickly."

"They are mushrooms.  They look prickly, but we didn't touch them."
"There was a slug on one of them."

"I was sitting down at my sit spot."
"She is sitting quietly."
"We sit quietly to use our listening ears and our eyes to hear and see the things around us."

"The leaves are green."

"Friends are sitting at their sit spots."
"They look up and down."

"We saw a bunch of leaves that were dying and turning into dirt."

"We are sitting on a log bench in the woods."

"I found a feather."

"We built our bathroom."

September 6 - Our First Day in the Woods