Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May 24

"We were playing on log. It's not a seesaw anymore."
"They were riding on the log."
"The video man is taking pictures."
"I was eating snack with my little brother, sister and mom. I was eating an apple."
"I was making a squirrel trap with my friends."
" I was playing with the dead tree and some of my friends were down here with me and I climbed up on top of the tree and I found some kind of animal on it."
"My friend found some bones and fur."
"I found a centipede."
"I found some big giant worms and salamanders and centipedes and little tiny worms."
"We found a worm and a snail. When I holder it, it started to come out of it's shell a little."
"We got to make apple crisp in the woods."
"We were cutting the apples."
"And we were peeling apples."
"I made the word IT."
"I wrote the word WAS. The S was tricky because I was trying to remember which way a Z and an S go."
"We made the word THE together."
"My dad was finding letters with me and I drawed them."
"I did the ABC game and it was so much fun because I got to do all the letters except A."
"I was floating my boat and it tipped over and my friend got the small balls for me."
"I put my boat down and then my friend put his down and it was like a race and it was a tie."
"I was in the mud and I got stuck in the mud."
"My dad made a spoon for me because I didn't have one. I took the cover off my yogurt and my dad made the spoon."
"We made our own version of crisp apples and it was cooked over the fire."

Thursday, May 18, 2017

May 17

"There are leaves on the trees.  They popped out in the spring."

"We were videoed in the woods."

"Ms. Rasco was making a sea-saw and me and my friend were on it first.  Then other people came.  And, we had the same t-shirts on!"

"We were building a house."
"I built this house at my sit spot and then it got ruined.  Then they rebuilt it."

"I was raking the leaves for Ms. Soule. "

"Last Wednesday we made a leaf pile and this Wednesday we added more."
"We were covered with leaves.  We were playing in the leaf pile."
"I was hiding in the leaves."

"There was an yellow acorn and squirrels took a bite out of it."

"I had a stick and stuck it in a piece of wood, and took the inside and whipped it all around to say 'Shoo, shoo' to the bugs."

"We found a fern.  The thing was popping out and it was curling around."

"We were finding animals.  We found a snail, centipedes, salamanders and worms."

"We were making bread.  And we were cooking it by sticks.  We mixed it up with Ms. Soule."

"We made the dough and then found sticks and then we swirled the dough on the sticks and put them over the fire."

"It tasted like bread, and a little bit like stick."

"We read 'A Tree Named Steve'".

Listening to the story.

"We were drawing a picture about a tree.  We named our tree Maple."
Other friends named their trees: Sean, Samara, Michael, Fred, Happy Tree, Daisy, Sunset, Rio, Joel, Fiuzzball, Barkley, Benjamin, Mason, Barky, Brick, Gorg, and Dino-tree.

"We drew our trees like scientists."
"We felt the tree."
"We took a paper and put it on the tree, and rubbed it.  It made bumps. "

"Mrs. Brown and Ms. Rasco helped us get down a vine and we used it as a swing.  We invited so many people over, and than it made a sound like it might break."
"It was really fun and we were hanging upside down."

Thursday, May 11, 2017

May 10

"It's an acorn and a sprout is coming out of it."
"It's an acorn starting to grow into a tree."
"At my sit spot I found a grub."
"It's a big beetle that we found under the leaves and my friend picked it up with the bark."
"We found a worm."
"We were on the tractor!"
"I used the branches to get up and then I could hang upside down on the tree."
"We made a seesaw and I was waiting for my turn."

"I found a snail."
"Me and my friends were playing in the brook by the two big tanks."
"We were standing on a stump that this tree fell down." 
"We were under the tree and my friend called it the secret hide out."
"I was on top of the stump that had another tree on top of it.  And the seed from the tree must have got into the stump and it might have been a pine tree because there was a pine tree near it."
"The tree got uprooted so all the roots you could see them now and the tree wasn't standing up."

"Me and my friends were on the bridge picking up rocks."
"And we were trying to catch stuff, but we didn't catch anything."
"We were looking for things in the brook. We were looking for bugs and fish and bug houses."

"I found a rock with this little bug on it."

"We were mud painting."
"We had to find a stick and leaves or pine needles or something and then we had a rubber band and wrapped it around and then got mud on the paint brush and started painting."

"We were getting the boats down. And it kept going and going."

"We were painting trees from the woods and we were using watercolors."
"We found a tree in the woods that we wanted to copy on our paper."