Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May 25

"The leaves used to be gone, but now it's all light green."

"Someone found a centipede."
"Centipedes have 100 legs!"

"Me and my friends were pretending that we had a band."

"Me and a teacher were trying to find bugs.  We were on the hunt to find bugs.  We found a beetle, but it was too quick.  We picked up another log and found a slow beetle.  We found a salamander too."
"Another friend found a dead centipede."

"Me and my brother and my dad were drawing for free draw."

"I was drawing a in a journal and I drew my sit spot."

"We were doing number cookies and letter cookies.  We were doing this because we like it."
"We had to place the number cookies down and we needed to get the number cookies to make number sentences."
"The letter cookies were for making words."

A number sentence.

"We were making batter for the brownies."
"We were mixing the brownies up."

"We put it on the fire."

"A friend took a picture."

"The brownies were inside the bucket thing for cooking."
"She was looking at the brownies to see if they're ready."
"It was delicious!"

"I found a snail."

"My dad found a snail at my sit spot.  He found a slug too."

"I was putting the snail in a crack of a log so that it could be safe."

"This was on my sit spot and it looked really soft.  But it looked like throw-up."
"We think it was a fungus."

More creature searching.

"We found a Jack in the Pulpit."

"They call it Jack in the Pulpit, because that line looks like a guy, Jack, and this looks like a pulpit because it's a speech place where you give a speech."

"We were playing duck, duck, goose.  A friend was it and he made a pattern like red, red, red, blue.  And if you tag someone they have to go to the pickle jar.  To get out of the pickle jar you had to spell a word with a digraph."

"It was really fun!"

The Bakery Girls

"I was getting wood.  I was trying to build a bridge."

Saturday, May 21, 2016

May 18

"Me and my mom were looking for birds in my sit spot. We found three birds."
"We saw trees with lots of leaves."
"We saw trees with green leaves."
"In my sit spot there were no leaves last week, but this week there were lots of really bright green ones.  It's really fun!"
"We were taking a quiet walk to find stuff to put on our maps."
"We were walking a nice quiet walk in Wednesday in the Woods and we went back to the benches."
"We were using walking sticks."
"We were drawing a map of the woods."
"We were drawing sketches of a map that we are going to draw after we went on a walk to see what we could find to add to our pictures."
More map making!
"I was climbing my friends tree."
"I was in a tree and it was part dead and part alive. There was dirt in it."
"Some people in our school built a new bridge."
"And Mr. Moreno helped do it."
"We were climbing trees and a teacher took a picture and we had fun."
"We were making a woods map and we were making it with sticks and we glued what ever the woods looked like on the map. And there was also rocks to make stairs and little twigs to make bridges."
"We were making scrambled cheesy eggs."
"Scrambled awesome eggs!"
"We were mixing the eggs with one of those mixy things (whisk)."
"We put milk in the scrambled eggs and then we put them in a big black pot and then we cooked them and then we waited until they were done and then we put them in cups and got to eat them."
"We were doing a treasure hunt, looking for stuff. We had to open up the envelops and read them."
"The last treasure note said 'congratulations, you've found the treasure.'"
"The treasure was pretzels!"
"At offerings in Wednesday in the Woods, I was in jump rope group and we had jump ropes and there were some parents there, so two of them swung the big jump rope and saw who could jump the longest. There were little jump ropes that the kids used so that they could jump rope themselves."
More jump roping!
"You can make whatever number sentence, but you have to make the number sentence before the other person. There were some equals and minus. And you have to have use the spatula to pick them up."
More number cookies!
"The first graders came outside and there were two guests who gave us a book about animals and a stuffy owl."
"Woodsy the owl says, give a hoot, don't pollute!"