Wednesday, November 15, 2017

November 15

"I was holding frost on a stick. It's cold."
Sit spots
I was climbing on Whistling Woodchuck's sit spot. We were playing a game."
"I was hiding out in Slimy Salamander's sit spot."
"I'm hanging from a hook on the tree and it was connected to my jacket."
"I was trying to climb it, but then I decided to lay there and I noticed there was light and it was all open on the bottom."
"Pouncing Bobcat could see me through the hollow trunk."
"We were making a row boat and the bridge to the row boat incase we fell off our big boat. We were going fishing. I was a fish."

"We were building a row boat that was attached to the big boat (the big log)."

"We were playing fishes. I had a pet crocodile and we were saving the pets."
"We were trying to get the pets out of the pond so a big hurricane couldn't hit them."
"We were raking to connect to the other path."
"I was building a big hole. We were trying to smash what we thought was a rock, but it ended up being dirt."
"Me and squeaky squirrel and my mom were making  a fairy house."
"We were making monkey bread."
"We had to cut the dough up with scissors."

"We were stacking wood in our shelter for our fire."

"We think this is spider eggs on the piece of wood."
"We were adding to the wood pile."

"We were raking our path so we could run on it."
"We were playing store with the logs. We would give the logs and they would cost money."
Hanging out after hard work. 

"I was gathering sticks for the fire."

"We were raking up the leaves and collecting logs to line the pathway."
"We were helping to pick up the woods."

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

November 8

"There are no leaves!"

"I was climbing on a tree in my sit spot."

"We were digging for burried treasure."

"We were digging for treasure using shovels."

"I was digging a big hole.  We were making a circle hole to connect to each hole."

"I punched a hole through.  Then they were connected."

"We were walking on the log and we were jumping off of it."
"When we jumped off it, we climbed back on."

"We made an obstacle course.  We're going under the stick."

"I was spinning around a part of our obstacle course, and it was really fun!"

"We were playing 'splash and leap' (aka Jump the River).  We were having fun and that's what matters."

"I won the round.  I tried to not get in the river, so I did a big jump."

"We celebrated Miss L's birthday!"

"We were playing 'predator and prey'.  Some of us got to be the predators and some of us were the prey."
"The predators were trying to get the prey."
"Some prey were deer or mice, and the bobcats or eagles tried to get them to eat them.  Once they got close, they tried to tag them.

More predator and prey fun.

"We played camouflage, and we started in a group, and then someone counted and we went to hide so they couldn't find us.  If they find you, they call your name and you have to go back to the circle."

"We played coyote cache."
"Someone is the coyote and they're trying to not let the person get the thing, and they try to tag people."

Coyote Cache

"During free choice some of us decided to play 'splash'"
"We used a stick to scrape the ground to make the lines.  Then more people joined the game.  Some people splashed and some people didn't"