Wednesday, October 10, 2018

October 10

"Basically I was making a little house for the salamander."

"As I looked at the ground, I noticed there were so many more leaves."

"We noticed we saw lots of leaves dancing and they were yellow."

"We got animal names for the woods."

"Playful Otter and Rambunctious Raccoon"

"The woods was yellow and green."

"I caught a frog!"

"At my sit spot, I found a slug and I made an umbrella for him."

"We were sitting on the swing together."

"I found a BIG leaf!  It's one of the biggest leaves I've ever seen."

"We were playing a game that we were going to the circus.  We had to balance on the tree and try not to fall.  We fell a lot."

"We were making soup."

"I found a salamander under a piece of tree and it was lucky because that's my woods name."

"Those are the worms."

"We found a grass hopper."

"I found a leaf that matched one of my colors."

"I was with my partner and we were looking for colors.  We were looking at leaves and stuff."

"We were doing the color hunt and I had green, and my 5th grade partner found green."

"The circles on the leaf matched the green."

"We found blue mushrooms."

"We were counting pictures and he was writing the number."

"That's me and my sister and my friend.  She helped me with a book."

"We were writing numbers in my book."

"I made a T with 3 sticks and then I crossed it out."

"I made some letters with sticks."

"Me and my friend made the letter i."


Lunch with our buddies!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

October 3

"We saw yellow leaves in the sky and the leaves were changing color. It is nice because it is turning fall."

"Sitting in bench circle, eating our snack, in the rain!"

"I was building the bathroom."

"I was building the bathroom and I found a lot of tall sticks."

"I was peeling the apple."

"We were putting on the topping for the apple crisp."

"We were making our hands warm."
"We are cooking some apple crisp."
"I was balancing on the log."

"I had a baby slug on me and Mrs. Hull took a picture."
"We were warming our hands."

"We cooked apple crisp."

"I was balancing on the tree."

"We snacked in the shelter."

"We me and my friends were trying to sit we saw this dead spiders shell."

"We were finding three salamanders."

"We were holding up our numbers that were on cookies."

"I got a 7 so I found 7 leaves."