Wednesday, January 17, 2018

January 17

"We are sitting.  The trees were all covered in snow."

"The hill was SLIPPERY!"

"There was a hole and the tracks led around it."

"These tracks could be fox tracks because it has paw prints with claws."

"When we were not in the woods, an animal digged some dirt up and there was dirt on the snow."
"Animals go under the snow so that predators can't get them."

"There was a hole in the fort, and we thought an animal might be in it."

"I was climbing the tree."

"I was climbing also, and I went higher."

"I was climbing the tree.  It was so much fun!"

"I was shoveling off the benches."

"We were shoveling the back of the shelter off."
"We wanted to see if there was ice.  In some places there was ice and we tried to get it off."

"Our friend was under the bridge."

"I was trying to make my friend feel better."

"We had lunch and we were sitting by the fire because we were cold."

"I was eating my dessert near the fire."

"We ate popcorn!"

"I was making my castle."

"We took turns swinging on the vine and we pretended to be cowboys and cowgirls."

"We were making ice art.  We collected things around us and poured water in."

"We poured the water and left them in the shelter.  We have to wait for the ice.  We will check next week."

"I was standing on the wood pile and I was using my arms to hold me so that I wouldn't fall.  I was singing 'A Whole New World'."

"We got covered in snow!"

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

January 10

"I found out if you laid in the snow and really snuggled in, it would feel really comfortable. I could see the sky and trees."
"We loved the fire."
"I was helping make the castle."
"I was eating apples with my gloves on."
"We were eating our snack."
"I made a crab out of snow."

"We were searching for the snowshoe hare."
"We took a picture of all our bunnies (the snowshoe hare.)"

"Here is a bunny that we found!"

Found it!

"I was sledding."
"We were pretending that I was a fish and the tree was the anchor and it was pulling me up."

"The sledding was really fun!"
"We were having hot cocoa by the fire."
Everyone had lots of fun in the woods today!
"I was spreading sprinkles for everyone so that they could  have snow. The snow sprinkles were shaking out of the water can."
"I was having fun climbing the tree."
"My friend showed me how to climb the tree."
"Me and my friends were in the fort that we made."

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

January 3

"There is snow on the trees and it's very different. There were little seeds on the snow."
"Miss Skilling and me found tracks and their little tails were dragging around."
We found more, bigger tracks.
"The sun was out!"
"I couldn't get on my sit spot today because there was ice on it."
"There was nothing left on the tree that we put the food decoration on. The animals ate it all."
"We actually found some popcorn and cranberries."
"My friend and I were making snowmobile tracks. My friend was putting the snow on the side so I could get back to the gate."
"I was making a dirt bike track and gate."
"We were making a trap for the 'bear'"
"I was on the group and I was trying to get on the vine."
"I was helping shovel the snow off of the shelter."
"I was digging the snow off the wood so it would be clean because it was the roof."
"My friend was making a snow angel."

"More tracks. We thought this was two animals."
"I was following the tracks. They ended at the big heap of snow."