Wednesday, December 19, 2018

December 19

"We found animal tracks.  It might be Foley's footprint or it might be a coyote."

"I was laying down and looking up, and I saw one leaf."

"I found leaves under the snow, and they make a really cool sound when you step on them."

"Me and my friends were playing 'The Incredibles' and we were having fun."

"I made a raspberry birthday cake, and we sang happy birthday to the woods."

"We built a house."

"We found history!"

"I was making some soup with flour, sugar molasses and lots and lots of butter and sugar.  The others were building and knocked over my soup."
"We were building a house to protect ourselves."

"We were riding on a train."

"I'm riding the little 'snow mobile'."

"We were grabbing snow and making snow soup."

"We were making a cake because we were pretending it was my friend's birthday."

"Me and my friends were making snow soup."

"I was climbing a tree."

Smiling friends.

"We were hanging our ornaments for the birds."

"This is my 'mitten' made out of bird seed and I left it for my animal friends."

"I was making a home for little animals and I left some bird seed."

"I made a snowman for the birds."

"We used toilet rolls and we put peanut butter on them and then we rolled them in bird seed and then we put them on the trees for the birds."

Merry Christmas Animal Friends!

"We had hot chocolate with marshmallows, but mine had no marshmallows."

"We were blowing it off."


"We were drinking hot coco."

"We were drinking hot chocolate and I was putting my finger in mine to get all the chocolate out."

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

December 12

"Mrs. Hull was looking up when she saw the sky was blue and trees without leaves."
"There are no leaves left on the trees in the woods."

"We were kicking our feet like we were ice skating."
"We were moving our feet to keep out feet warm."
"It sounded like we were drumming."

"I was in a friends fort and I started banging on the log."

"I was doing a snow angel. It was really fun and I couldn't even stop. My snow angel didn't make a mark in the snow because it was hard. It was more like ice."

"I was climbing the tree trying to get all the way up. And I was trying to help my friend."

"I looked on the ground and I saw footprints of animals walking."
"We were swinging...."

"...and we all fell down at the same time!"

"Me and my friends were driving a truck."

"I was swinging on a grapevine and trying to go up in the air and I went down instead."

"There was a log and it was kind of like a circle shape."

"My friend found a trapezoid that looked like a piece of ice."

"The leaf looked like a triangle."

"I found a piece of bark that looked like a rectangle."

"I see a circle, triangle and square!"

"I found a piece of metal and it was a circle."

"We found a rectangle!"

"I found a circle in the wood pile and my friend found a square and a triangle."

"We found a circle on a log."

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

December 5

"We were sitting  at our first place.  First we go here, and then we go down the hill."

"There was snow on the logs."
"The snow was frozen a lot.  It was hard."

"We were sliding on the stairs, because it was slick."
"It was icy."

"I'm laying at my sit spot, looking around."

"I was trying to build a fort at my sit spot."

"We were in our sit spot group sharing our ideas."

"I was climbing a tree."

"I was sledding on my tummy like a penguin."

"There was ice on the log benches."

"I was bouncing on the branch."


"Me and my friend were pulling back the swing, and my other friends was on the swing."
"The friends in the way back were climbing tree and taking turns.  We kept on slipping off because of the ice, but we had fun!"

"I was gathering sticks and carrying them across the woods.  Then I was trying to make an 'x'."

"I was climbing the tree and I was going higher and higher!"

"I was riding a horse."

"I as climbing a tree!"

"I was lifting a heavy stick up and down."

Here is the 'x'!

"I was pretending that the log was a snowmobile and that I had a scanner on it."

"On one of the sticks of our fort, there was really cool ice."

"There were frozen leaves."

"We played freeze ta, and it was fun!"

"We were running during freeze tag."