Thursday, June 14, 2018

June 13, Our Final Woods Adventure of the Year

"I noticed that when I looked at the trees the trees covered the sky. You couldn't see the circle that we had before."

"We found an egg that cracked."
"We all saw this egg and it was so cool."

"I got a big stick and a little stick and I started writing on it."

"I found two maple leaves that were two different colors."

"I found a skunk print. I thought it was a skunk because over by the bank I saw lots of digging. Skunks dig for grubs."

"Me and my friend were playing a game. We were making fairy stew. Fairy stew is autumn leaves, flowers, crunchy leaves that fall off a tree, and little twigs. They eat it a lot. "

"I found a stick that had the roots."

"We were playing tail tag."

"I was sitting down counting the tails."

"My friend and I were the last two people and I was trying to get his tail, but it was a tie."

"I was looking to find the people during camouflage."

"We peeling carrots for our Stone Soup."

"I was peeling potatoes."

"This was my first time peeling a potato and I couldn't do it, but I didn't give up and I ended up peeling lots of potatoes!"

"It was Stone Soup."
"The Stone Soup was really good and everyone brought a little bit of food to go in the Stone Soup."
"It makes people happy because we share it with them."
"There was noodles, broccoli, carrots, onions, garlic, potatoes, and more!"

"We were taking our forts down and the bathroom too."

"We were taking down the bathroom so when the preschoolers come to kindergarten they can build the same thing that we did."

"We all helped take the bathroom apart, but we didn't take the stick bridge apart, but we did take apart the rest of the forts. There was a lot of layers on the bathroom so we had to have everyone help."

"Finally, we took all the wood down from the bathroom and then worked on the forts. So that next year's kindergarteners can rebuild like us."

Thursday, June 7, 2018

June 6th

"We took a picture together because we got a new shirt so we matched all of each other. It was our Wednesday in the Woods shirt!"

"I found this orange slug. Things were so wet."

Enjoying a nice little rest!

"I was relaxing in the hammock."

"The tree fell down when we were not in the woods and when we went down into the woods it was down and we don't know how it went down."
"It looked like it had some tree fungus and it was sick."

"The tree fell down at my sit spot."

"We were laying in the leaves on the tree that fell."

"We were picking some leaves of the tree."
"We were pretending that the leaves were flowers."

"My favorite tree fell down."

A beautiful bouquet!

"We found seeds from the birch tree."

"I climbed up the big tall tree. It was very tall."

"The mushrooms got bigger and bigger and they changed color. They were white last week and they are brown now."

"These are spores on ferns. It is how they reproduce because they don't flower."

"I was balancing on the tree."

"I climbed a really skinny little tree."

"We made bubble blowers."

"I was blowing huge bubbles out of the thing I made."

"I made a straw and yarn into a square to blow bubbles."

Bubble Fun!!

"We were making calzones. I was spreading the sauce around the pizza."

"We added the cheese."

"We were pushing the dough together to make the calzone."

"It was yummy!!"


"My group was making the woods map and it was so fun. It was so beautiful."

"I was ripping sticks into little pieces to put on the bridge that I made."

"I was labeling the map."

Our finished product!

"We found roots coming out of the ground on the tree so we all climbed on it. It was very cool."
"This was just by the bridge and it looked like a giraffe. A long time ago I bet the roots were underground." 

"I found a leaf that had water on it and I tipped it over and the drops of water stayed on it."

"These look like bamboo shoots. They are horse tails."

"There was a tiny little waterfall on the other side. There were little shells and I thought it was really cool."

"I found this plant that caterpillars lay their eggs in. We don't know what it is."

"This is a snail we found on our way up."

"We were doing a little magazine reading all by ourselves. It was about insects and talked about their wings."

"I found a gall!"

"I was carrying shovels and we were bringing it back to the school." 

"Me and my friend were helping each other carry a big shovel up together."