Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Forest is OUR Wonderful Place!

"We were making pictures of what our sit spots looked like instead of sharing and bringing something to the circle."

"We were making pictures of our favorite time in sit spots."
"My momma came into the woods."
"We were spreading the popcorn kernels over the pot. Then the teacher put it over the fire."

"We were on the balance beam and I made some challenges."
"We were on the balance beam and we put obstacles on it.  We had to go through the sticks, without touching the sticks."
"We were chopping up.  I was chopping up cauliflower.  I was cutting it and some of if was flying all over the place.  My friend next to me was cutting tomato and some tomato juice flung on to me."
"We were chopping up vegetables to make "Stone Soup"."

"We were cooking the soup."

"The teachers put soup in the bowls and then the kids ate them.  They were really good."

"Eating the soup!"

"I was pretending that the juice holder was like a voice changer."

"I was playing with my friend and I jumped into a tree."

"Me and my friend made a seesaw from a tree and big stick.  I got stuck up on the seesaw."

"We were bouncing on the tree."

"Mrs. White was reading us a book while we were eating lunch."

"The forest is OUR wonderful place!"

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June 8

"We found these things and they are helicopters and they were green, but the other ones were different because in the middle they were brownish. I have never seen these before."
"These came from a maple tree and the seeds are inside the part, where most people thought there was air."
"We were cooking biscuits."
"We were roasting marshmallows and we got to eat smokes when we made them."
More roasting marshmallows....yummmm

"Blakeley was putting both of my marshmallows on the cracker and then she put the chocolate on. Then I ate it all up!" 
"I was shaking some cream so then we could make buttermilk and then butter."
"We put the butter on the biscuits and then we could have a biscuit with butter or with no butter. "
"We were playing predator and prey and you had to get the prey."
"Everybody got out at the end, but I was the last predator."
"We were playing turkey and there was some turkeys and there was some predators and the turkeys had to get one food and water and had to get back to their nest before the predators tagged you."
"We were playing the game turkey and we wanted to have three in a nest. We called ourselves a family because we were all in the same hoop.  We had a dad, mom and baby."
"I'm the predator and I put a turkey in the den."
"We were looking like turkeys."
"If you want to play this game, how to play is you is that there is someone with a blindfold on and they point to you if they hear you. The other people are trying to get the cash."
"Ms. S was putting a blindfold on somebody before the game."
"I was trying to climb a tree in a different way.  I was climbing one hand, the other hand and then both feet and I was pushing myself up."
More tree climbing! 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June 1

"We were putting sauce on the pizza."
"We were putting cheese and pepperoni on it."
"Miss Soule was folding the pizza to make a calzone."
"Today we were doing the five senses."
"The five senses are: touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing."

"We were tasting different things.  We tried lemon, salt, sugar and flour."
"We were at the taste center and we were tasting lemon."
"When I tasted it, I 'shiggled' (shake and giggle)."

"I was smelling flour and then I tasted it."
"I was licking sugar off of my hand."

"Ms. Rasco was reading to us.  She was reading a smell book."
"We were smelling.  We had to close our eyes and then smell it.  And then we made a guess.  Then Ms. Rasco told us what it was.  It was grass."
"I was smelling something."
"It smelled like pine."
"In the feeling group, we were figuring out was in the box.  It was really hard.  It was rocks."
"I reached my hand in the box.  We were trying to guess what was in it.  There was a rock in it."
"We were writing what we heard in the hearing group.  We wrote a list."

Scenes from another fun day in the woods...

"Me and my friend found this log and I stuck my hand through, and my friend looked through the hole and he saw my hand.  And then we saw lots of ants."