Thursday, November 19, 2015

Letter Making & Turkey Fun

"We were singing the song of the woods."
"We're in winter clothes because it was so cold outside."
"There was frost on the ground and there was frost everywhere."

"There's frost on the leaves and the trees."
"There's a log on the ground, because that tree is dead."
"The people in the picture are sitting in their sit spots." 

"I was laying down in my sit spot.  There were no leaves on the tree."
"We were talking about our sit spots."
"We were talking about the leaves.  There are different kinds of leaves.  One leaf had spikes, one had little spikes and one had big spikes."

"This student was putting the "A" down when were finding letters."
"We were finding sticks to make letters."
"We were making letters with sticks.  We would put sticks together.  It took 3 sticks to make the letter 'A'".
"I was making the letter to make words."
"It spells me."

"Some people were making Js"
"I pulled it off of a stick that was on the ground and then I bent it to make a J".

"He is eating his sandwich."
"We were eating lunch out in the woods."

"She had a piece of bark and he tried to help so that the curly piece at the end could come off, so that two girls could draw on the bark for a Christmas tree stand."

"Two predators: a mountain lion and a bobcat."

"We were playing a turkey game.  We had to get water and found.  A predator, like a mountain lion, was trying to grab someone and bring them back to the den.  If they didn't get caught they tried to make it back safely to their nests which were hula hoops."
"The papers on the ground were pictures of bugs, seeds, acorns, grubs and berries.  They were wild turkey food."

"I hid behind the tree and when the turkeys were coming I went right in front of the food.  I was a coyote.  I was trying to eat the turkeys."
"The turkeys were thinking about trying to get the food and not get eaten by the coyote.  They wanted to get around him."

"I was trying to tag people.  I was a mountain lion."

"We got back to our nests with our water and our food!"

Thursday, November 12, 2015

"This is where we meet when we start our Wednesday in the Woods and we sing a song."
"It was a rainy and cloudy morning."

"We were putting a salamander back because it had to live.  It needs to hibernate."

"I'm laying down like Miss Soule did.  I saw the sky.  The white clouds moved."

"We were in the shelter letting the salamander go."
"Our shelter had a roof this week."
"If it didn't have a tarp on it, it wouldn't be a shelter.  It would rain on us."

"We found a snake in the pile of dirt."
*A few friends call the dirt pile Hawaii, because Hawaii has beaches.

"Mrs. Treat is holding the snake on a book.  It didn't try to bite her."

"We were working on our fairy houses."
"This is my second fairy house.  Last week we found the fairy house playground and I added to it to make it a fairy house."

"I found 2 salamanders under a log.  I rolled the log and they were shaking but kind of sleeping."

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Builders for a Day

"There's no leaves on the trees because they fell off.  They go on the ground."
*This is the view from Miss Soule's sit spot.  She laid on the ground and looked up at the sky.  While doing this, she saw two birds fly by.

"We found a salamander in the woods, under a log."
We were curious if salamanders hibernate, so we looked it up when we came back inside, and we found that most species of salamanders do hibernate.

"We read the book "Fairy Houses"."
"After we read the book we built fairy houses."
"Some of us built our very own houses.  Some of us had partners."

"We are building our fairy house.  We used sticks, mud and leaves.  We made a bed out of leaves."

"We were using teamwork to make out own fairy house."
"We used leaves and a lot of sticks."

"I'm building my fairy house.  I'm making the doorway.  I made  a couple of walls on it."
"I dug a hole so when predators come and the fairies hear them, they can just get in the hole.  And I camouflaged it with a leave so that the predators won't get the fairies."

"There were lots of twigs on the tree and I put long sticks on the twigs to make stairs.  And in this picture I'm building the entrance."

"We were trying to make leaves for the ground.  We accidentally picked the green beautiful thing on the top.  And we shouldn't have really done that.  The next time we do Wednesday in the Woods we'll do more details."

"I made a fairy house where the fairies had to dig down deep."
"I put a table and a bath in my fairy house."

"We are working on our fairy house and we added lots of sticks in a circle.  And we had a leave for a roof.  We had a little door and a little slide."
"We made 2 little seats out of tiny acorns.  They were beside the house."

We made paths for tennis balls that Mrs. Cramer brought down to the woods.  We made zig-zag trails out of sticks.  Some people made jumps.  Groups used different methods to stop the balls.  One group made a hole at the end, another group used a pile of sticks.   Other groups put a big piles of leaves, so when the ball hit the leaves it stopped in the leaves.  We made zig-zags using sticks to help stop.  Some groups made a tunnel out of bark.