Thursday, February 16, 2017

February 15

"We did some crafts, and had a ton of scraps.  We put the box in the room and put the scraps in the box."

"We were making a mural and we put animals from the book on it.  We put snowflakes on too."

"The title of the book was 'Over and Under the Snow'."

"We put fox and deer and, some bears underground that were sleeping.  Bees were underground too."
"I added two rocks.  One was covered in snow."
"We made a tunnel so that animals could go through it."

"There was a spiderweb on the tree and there were snowflakes stuck in the web."

"We found rabbit or squirrel tracks."

"I got buried."

More buried friends.

"I was trying to swim, but I couldn't."

"We were sliding down this great big hill and it was really hard to get up but we got up and kept on sliding.  We used a tree that was fallen down or a stick to get back up."

"We were eating snow because we were getting power.  We were practicing being spies."

"We were playing fox and hares.  The foxes tried to find the hare.s  The foxes had to follow the tracks.  The hares tried to trick the foxes by walking all around, and around trees."

"I was hiding.  The foxes couldn't find me."

"We were cooking french fries over the fire."

"We were counting the cups to see if we had enough.  We did.  We put the french fries in."

"I was playing in the snow.  I was jumping in the snow."
"He looks like a snowman!"

"We were sledding.  We had to take turns.  We had to pick partners and share the sleds.  There were only 10 sleds."

"Some people went sledding by themselves."

"We were sledding together, but we came out of the woods and to the baseball field that was covered with snow.  We were sledding with Mrs. C.H."

"We were coloring the things that were in the woods, and if you're in the inside group you color what you did inside."
"After we come out from the woods we journal."

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February 1

"We were going in to the woods.  It was snowing."
"It was like we were in a snow globe."
"A winter wonderland."

"There was a tree at the bottom to that you wouldn't slide all of the way.  And we started to slide on a big stump.  It was really slippery."
"It was snowy out.  And it was snowy on the trees."
"We were pretending that we were queens."
"Inside the fort there was ice and we could see inside the ice.  There were leaves in it."
"We were farming.  We were plowing the fields, and then planting the fields."
"He's riding a horse."
Another horse rider.
"We were making snow angels."

"I was shaking the snow off of the trees and it fell on top of me."

Hot Chocolate!
"It was a little hot, but then I cooled it down with my blowing."
"I was chasing my friends, pretending to be a triceratops."

"Some friends stayed inside today and we cut out pictures of our friends in the woods.  We also drew pictures of things we did in the woods.  We stuck them on the big bulletin board."