Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December 7

"We were sitting on the logs and there was snow.  We sang our song."

view from 'tree stop'

"I was eating snow at my sit spot."

"We were sitting in the snow."

"This was waiting for us in our shelter.  We think it was the second graders."

"I made a snowman at my sit spot."

"I was looking at my snowman."

"I made two snowballs,  And then I sat on them.  I wanted to be king, so I made a kind's stool."

"We were pretending that the big snowball was a motorcycle."

"We were making a giant snowball."

"We were sliding down the path."

"We were pushing the snowball down the bank."

"We were snowballs and if you look behind it you would see a path that it made."

"I was under the these little tiny bushes and I was hiding.  I was an animal hibernating."

"I was hibernating in a tree.  I was being a bear."

"We were eating lunch by our fire because it was warm.  It was cold when we were sitting on our bench spots, so we got close to our fire.  We were waiting for our hot chocolate."

"We were drinking our hot chocolate."
"The hot chocolate warmed our hands and our bellies, and our mouths."

Thursday, December 1, 2016

November 30

"There are not much leaves."
"It's really wet."
"There are so many leaves on the ground."
"It was really foggy."
"We were making cheesy bites"
"We were making cheesy bread and we lined the cheese on the top and sprinkled it on. And Miss Soule rolled it."
"We were making a tree and we put ferns around it."
"I was on a tree branch and there was another stick under it so it didn't fall."
"I made this see-saw and I put it really big so our feet couldn't touch the ground so it was only our hands touching it so we could make our muscles stronger."
"I was sitting on the tree and I was excited because it was a little bit up high. The tree was slippery."
"We were playing a turkey game and those hula hoops were the nests and people not in the hula hoops were the predators trying to catch us."
"Three people got to be the ones that were taking the turkeys back to their den, the owl, mountain lion and coyote (also a skunk, bald eagle, wolf.)"
"I stayed in my nest and then when the predators were busy I went out of my nest to get my food and water."
"We were playing turkey and we both got our food and water back to our nest."
"You have to try and get the orange thing and get back to your spot. If you get tagged you have to go back to your spot."
"We were reading a book about snow and everyone was around the campfire. They were trying to be cold or hot and trying to see the book."
"The animals didn't what to do for winter, it said 'What did you do and where do you go?' in the book."