Wednesday, November 29, 2017

November 29th

"We found when an animal grabbed a pine cone and got the seeds."
"We saw pumpkins. They weren't ours.......where did they come from??"
"Helicopter seeds sometimes have two parts and sometimes have one."
"I found some frost in my sit spot."
"You can open them and see the seeds."
"It floats away."
"This is a traveling seed. It travels through the wind."
"This looks like a snowflake."
"It looked like a pinecone but it was a log."
"It also looked like camouflage."
We played a fun new game, called Tail Tag!!! The next few pictures and videos show the fun!
"We really, really liked it!"
"In tail tag you have a piece of fabric in your pocket and you try to get other people's tails. Who ever is the last to get their tail taken is the winner."

"I found this little pumpkin and I named it pumkee. I took care of him and gave him a hat to keep his head warm and gloves under him to keep his feet warm."
"We were standing with each other and we were making a band."
"I was a crocodile and my friend was an alligator and we were in our animal creates."
"We were making firewood for the fairy."
"For the rocks around the fire we used helicopter seed pods."
"Hooting Owl, Leaping Deer,  and Curious Coyote were swinging us very very high."
"I was taking a little nap. It was so comfy."
"I was trying to climb the tree because I am a monkey."
"I was making a triangle out of horsetails."

"I was kneading the pudding and milk."
"I was putting the pumpkin stuff in."
"I was mixing the food."
"We had to crumble up the graham crackers."
"Then we poured it in!"
"I really liked when the whip cream came out because it looked like a Christmas tree."
"It tasted like heaven!"

"We made a seesaw."
"We were making the three little pigs house's and this is the stick house."
"This is the leaf house (instead of hay.)"

"We were making our bear cave to hibernate in for the winter."

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

November 15

"I was holding frost on a stick. It's cold."
Sit spots
I was climbing on Whistling Woodchuck's sit spot. We were playing a game."
"I was hiding out in Slimy Salamander's sit spot."
"I'm hanging from a hook on the tree and it was connected to my jacket."
"I was trying to climb it, but then I decided to lay there and I noticed there was light and it was all open on the bottom."
"Pouncing Bobcat could see me through the hollow trunk."
"We were making a row boat and the bridge to the row boat incase we fell off our big boat. We were going fishing. I was a fish."

"We were building a row boat that was attached to the big boat (the big log)."

"We were playing fishes. I had a pet crocodile and we were saving the pets."
"We were trying to get the pets out of the pond so a big hurricane couldn't hit them."
"We were raking to connect to the other path."
"I was building a big hole. We were trying to smash what we thought was a rock, but it ended up being dirt."
"Me and squeaky squirrel and my mom were making  a fairy house."
"We were making monkey bread."
"We had to cut the dough up with scissors."

"We were stacking wood in our shelter for our fire."

"We think this is spider eggs on the piece of wood."
"We were adding to the wood pile."

"We were raking our path so we could run on it."
"We were playing store with the logs. We would give the logs and they would cost money."
Hanging out after hard work. 

"I was gathering sticks for the fire."

"We were raking up the leaves and collecting logs to line the pathway."
"We were helping to pick up the woods."