Thursday, November 17, 2016

November 16

"If you're dirty, you're having fun!"
"Raindrops are really, really wet."
"The little drops looks like Christmas decorations."
"The raindrops look like tiny bubbles."

"There were not that much leaves on the trees, but there were lots on the ground."
"We had different sit spots."
"Me and my friends were digging big hole."

"We were in the pretend house."

"I was scratching a part of bark on a wet tree."
"A friend lost her tooth!"

"We were cooking cinnamon bites."

"We were cutting the dough into pieces to make the cinnamon bread."

"We made a sea-saw."

"We made a sea-saw in the tree."
"We played on it."

"The sea-saw went really fast and I had to push it really hard to go up."

"I was climbing on the vines and I went upside down."

"We were pretending the vine was a horse.  There was a big stump there to help us get on."

"We were playing on the bridge and we were playing in the mud."

"I put mud on my face."

"I found bubbles."
"The bubbles were gooey and wet."

"This is the biggest V I've ever seen.  I have a V in my name!"
"I built that big V."

Thursday, November 10, 2016

November 9

"There are no leaves on the trees."
"Foley came to Wednesday in the Woods."
"Foley was trying to take food from my lunch."
"He was a puppy."
"We were making eggs."
"A friend was cracking the egg."
"We were whisking the eggs."
"Miss Soule was putting the scrambled eggs into the cups."
"I held the worm with the shovel."
"We had to leave it where it was so I put it back in its place."
"Ms. Rasco and me were making a rocket ship."
"We were digging holes and then we were sinking in the dirt."
"We were making nature marble runs and they were going really fast."
"We were using sticks on the end so the ball wouldn't go all the way and would stop right here."
"We tried it again."
"We made a marble run and it was like a path so we used two sticks like this and it was kind of like a path."
"We were making a marble run and it was going to be really long and it was kind of short but kind of long. There was a gate at the top."
"We were catching it with a piece of card thing (birch bark)."
"We were trying to roll the ball down the hill."
"We were playing house and I was one of the dogs."
"I was a cat/dog so I crawled on the ground. We had fun doing that."
"We were making a fort and used the string as glove hangers."
"I was going out to get some roots to tie to each branch and use it as a scratcher for the cats."
"A friend and I were swinging on the branch and using it as a carwash as windshield wipers."
"I was lifting a stick to make a new bridge. I had to gather sticks until it was all done. I didn't get to finish it, but maybe next time I will."
"I was trying to get to sleep and paddle the boat."

Thursday, November 3, 2016

November 2

"These trees were so high in the sky."
"There are no leaves anymore."

"We were looking for bugs.  And also somebody was helping us check under logs."
"We found bugs under the logs.  We found salamanders too."
"We found a lot of creatures under there."

"We were taking logs and grabbing sticks so that we could build a fort."

"On the hill I found acorns and a stick.  I did not make it but I wondered what it was."

"We were making a volcano."
"It was hard to make.  The dirt was really packed in."

"I found a spider."

"We were playing super heroes and we were standing on that tree."
"I fell off a bunch of times and we laughed because it was funny."

"We were doing journals."

"I drew a picture of me and my friend.  I made a bunch of rocks and I colored the ground red.  I made a compass,"

"I covered my baby brother in leaves.  He was trying to get out. He did get out."

"During P.E. we played 4 corners."

"We were making nachos.  We put cheese and some chips in and put them on top of the fire."

"I never stopped eating nachos.  I ate them like 600 times.  Because I like them.  They were so tasty."

"We were playing hay wagon ride."

"We were putting leaves on Ms. Judy."

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"We were water painting and I found a little thing swimming inside of my cup."

"We were doing leaf rubbing.  We put leaves under the paper and then we rubbed crayons on it."

"We were building a house.  A seventh grader helped us!"
"It was a fort."