Friday, January 27, 2017

January 25

"In my sit spot and some friends were building my house."
"We were eating snack."
"We were spraying the bench that was covered in snow."
"We died the bench."
"This was a colorful bench...the rainbow bench."
"I was trying to make a circle."
"Behind the cover that looks like a house I was doing karate."
"We were going down the hill and then hiking back up."
"Me and my friend were making a fort with my other friend and we used all the sticks that we could find."
"We were making a fort and we were putting a bench there so we could sit in the fort and we were putting sticks on the other end."
"We were making a fire and we had to get sticks and leaves and break them and then put them in the fire."
"I found this stick at my sit spot."
"We were making hot dogs."
"And we were holding them over the fire."

"I wish I could have that again."
"We were eating hot dogs."
"I was climbing on the tree, but it was slippery. My friend tried to get me on there."
"I was sitting on the piece of tree/log because I was kind of tired from lunch."

"It was tricky coming up because it was icy."
"It was hard to get up the stairs because we were slipping on the ice, but the rope was there and helped us not fall."
"We need to hold on to the rope so we won't slip and fall."

Thursday, January 12, 2017

"The trees don't have any leaves because they fell on the ground."
"The sky was blue."

"There is snow, ice, and water everywhere!"
"We were having snack."
"Usually on Wednesday in the Woods we have a fire, but this day we did not have a fire."

"I was sliding down on my back and then I just went faster and faster."

"We were sliding down the short hill. We would go up the path way and then down through the hill. We were sliding on our butts and bellies and backs. Sometimes we slipped."

"My friend and I were finding a stick to plant a tree to help with the snow fort."

"We were making a fire. My friends helped us make the fire."

"I thought maybe an animal lived in it. They might be hibernating."

"I was finding sticks and grabbing snow and squeezing them on to the sticks and then sticking them in the ground so people could get them. I called them snow sticks."

"We were trying to make snow angels but the snow was too hard to make them."

"We were looking at snow with magnifying glasses on a black piece of paper."

"We were spraying food coloring and water on the snow. I was making hexagons."

"My friend was making his face."

"I found a deer track and we followed it behind a long and we found deer poop."

"This is one of the deer tracks."

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

January 4

"We were walking to the woods."
"The snow was too thick and my boot got stuck in because it went down too deep."
"The snow was crunchy."
"Some people were building a snow fort."
"Some friends started with their wall and then we added on."
"Ms. Rasco and me were building five snowmen for my whole family."
"My whole family!"

"Me and my friends were making water. So we put a pot of snow over the fire and we watched it as it melted."

"And then when it was all done, it turned to water."

"Me and my friends built a chair and my other friend said let's flip it over and make a stool and so we made a stool and my friend is sitting on it."

"I was building the wall to hook it together and we made the snow fort."
"I was getting snow for the fort."

"We were jumping on snowballs."

"We were going up the hill with the rope and the rope was to help us not slide."

"I was making a little comfy chair."

"I was playing with the stick and wrote the letter B."

"I found a bunch of holes in the tree."

"There were a lot of shavings."

"The tree was covered in ice and I could see water dripping down."

"We were trying to make a fire in the snow. We were trying to make a fire pit like the one where we eat our lunch and snack. We were rubbing the sticks together to make fire."

"Me and my friend were measuring each other and Levi was the same size as the rope."

"I was measuring the snow thing and it was smaller than the rope."