Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Cheese Please!

"I'm digging a hole in my sit spot."

"I'm laying in my sit spot looking up at the sky because it was white and I liked looking at it."

"I was digging holes in the ground so I could see if it was frozen or thawed.  I was digging a stick in the ground."
"I wanted to find a stick so I could do it too. The ground was thawed."
"I found a stick that looked like a drill then when Ms. Rasco took a picture I formed it as a mustache."
Here is the birthday boy!

"We made a seesaw. And in the picture we are seesawing."
"My mom played with me."
"We made the seesaw out of two sticks.  We put a stick onto a log and then made a seesaw."
"Me and my friends were playing a game and we found the last piece of snow!"
"We are doing the obstacle course and we pretended we were on a tight rope." 
"This is a fort I made in my sit spot."
"I'm swinging on this vine on these two tree."
"Even teachers can go on it.  It's strong enough to hold a teacher on it."
"Me and my friend were making a leprechaun trap and we were collecting mud and we were going to put mud in a big hill and the leprechaun would climb up it and he would get his feet stuck in the mud.  Then when we found the leprechaun we would put him in a hole."
"I was sitting in my sit spot with Ms. Rasco eating my lunch."
"We were shredding cheese for the mac and cheese and Miss Soule was doing the fire. And all of my friends were doing it too."
The macaroni boiling away over the fire.
Miss Soule is getting the noodles ready for the cheese.
"We are spreading the cheese out.  We are taking a scoop from the cheese and putting it on the macaroni."
"We are eating the mac and cheese."
"It was awesome, good, amazing!"
"Me and my friend were searching for big foot and making a house."
"We just want to see if he is real."

Monday, March 14, 2016

Has Spring Arrived?

"The tree is big."
"It was warm out!!!"

"We were all looking at some squirrels, and my dad was also looking at them because he came."
"There were 7 squirrels."

"My friend and I found a little hill and then we found a big stick and we put it somewhere and then we went down the icy hill.  It was fun!"
"Me and my friend were sliding down the icy hill and we put a stick in front of us to stop us so we wouldn't slide in the dirt."

"Me and my friend and Ms. S were doing the ABCs backwards.  It was a challenge!"

"My friend added some oil to the pot, so that the popcorn wouldn't stick."

"I added the popcorn kernels.  I accidentally dumped them all."

"The pot is hanging from the fire pit and we're popping popcorn."

"When we opened the cover we found popcorn."

"Me and my friends were gobbling up popcorn."

"I climbed up a wood hump.  When i climbed it, I almost fell, but I caught myself.  Then I got down and tried it again.  I hung on really tight and didn't let go."

"Me and my friend were doing tricks and then we played a Star Wars game."

"We were playing "The Mitten" and my friend was the narrator." 

"We are acting out the "Mitten" story. I was the narrator." 

"We were having fun doing the story.  We took turns."

"My boat was a canoe and water keeps going in it.  It held a little bit more sticks."

"We made tin foil boats, and tried to make them float. We put sticks and leaves in the boats to  see if the boats could hold them."
"We played "Vowel Owl".  There were collectors who collected vowels, and some of hooted like an owl we we found a vowel.  There were lots of letters spread out all over the ground."
More "Vowel Owl" fun!
"We were playing coyote/rabbit.  The rabbits were trying to get to their den."
"We had to call out a word and how many syllables the word had was how many steps we took back towards the den and away from the coyote.  After the rabbits turn, the coyote calls out a word and how many syllables that word has is how many steps the coyote takes forward."
"This is still coyote/rabbit, only instead of syllables we used cards with addition number sentences.  It has plus in the middle."
"We took that many steps."
"We were trying to get the water to move, because it was icy and we kept slipping.  So we were trying to get it down the hill.  We slid down the big hill, and the more we slid down, the bigger the path got and the more water went down.  We used sticks too, to make the path and to make it so the water would got down the hill and into the stream.  We have a stream at the end of the hill.”

"We were going over the bridge doing the Billy Goat Gruff.”

"I am climbing a tree."

"We made nature mobiles."

"We made mobiles in science class, and then we made more outside."

"We made it balance."