Friday, April 7, 2017

April 5th

Before going in to the woods today, we were treated to making 'healthy' snacks.
They were delicious!!

"We made a rainbow from fruit and the marshmallows were the clouds."
"We used strawberries, melon, kiwi, blueberries, mangos and grapes."

"We made watermelon pizza."
"The crust was watermelon.  The sauce was yogurt, and the toppings were strawberries, blueberries and white chocolate chips.

"I was fishing in a pond. I caught three fish. It was a puddle and I pretended it was a pond.  "

"I was trying to climb a tree. In the morning I only climbed up a little, but at free choice I went up higher."

"The tree was watery."
"The tree was wet but it felt like ice, but it was really watery, so then I knew it was water."

"We were making a bridge over the water I was fishing in.  We were making the bridge so that we could fish and not get wet."

"I was carrying a really heavy log to the pond to help make the bridge."

"We were making a fort."

"We built a 'fire'."

"We built a fort and were singing songs and we made a 'fire'.  We pretended there was a pool and a car."

"I was trying to tie rope onto a stick and then to his leg.  And he tried to walk.  It was crutches."

"We built up the walls and put sticks on top and then put snow on top.  And then more sticks and snow.  We put acorns and popcorn inside of it.  We were trying to catch a squirrel."
"We worked on this during sit spot time and free choice time."
"It started out just small, but then we made it bigger."

"We cooked popcorn on the fire."

"I was trying to tie the crutches to myself."

"I built a snowman and I fixed him.  I dropped him and I fixed him again."

"We find a kind of home in the firewood pile."
"It had spider webs and a hole."
"There was fur and munched up acorns."

"We found squirrel teeth marks on an acorn."