Wednesday, December 20, 2017

December 20th

"We are at tree stop and leaning over the log."
"We are going down the trail to our woods and it has a rope. You put your hand on it so it will help you."
"Something came and ate our pine cones!"
"Me and Miss L thought this was a deer print, but it wasn't. It might be when the snow falls off the tree into the snow or a dog or fox track."
"We think an animal came and pushed the snow off and dug."

"When we first got in the woods I found my little pumpkin . It was covered in snow so I wiped it off with my gloves."
"We are going sledding. Miss Skilling and Miss L are making a path." 
"I was sledding."
"Miss L used two sleds to make it into a bigger one."
"We were playing a game about hunting and there was a bear and the hunters were trying to sneak attack me."
"We were making food for bears, birds and other animals that can't find any food."

"We took a pine cone and tied string to it, we put peanut butter on it and rolled it around to get seeds."
Final product
"I was sturing the gingerbread."
"We were making the gingerbread and we put it in the pan."
"I was smiling because I liked it!"

"Mrs. Bourne came down to visit the woods today. She took some photos of us doing stuff."
"And she also let us take some pictures."
"Trotting Turkey and Dancing Dragon were helping make the snow woman."
"We took the bird seed that was extra and we took some carrots (buttons and nose). This is our Stranger in the Woods friend."

"We were reading a book about these kids who went into the woods and they found a tree to decorate. They decorated it with berries and chains and lots of decorations. They also sat next to the fire to see if they could see any animals coming."
"I would sing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and my friend would sing Jingle Bell Rock."
"We got our pinecones that we made and we held it in front of us and the we walked over to that tree that fell over and we left it for the birds and bears and other animals."
"I was in the tree putting the decorations on."
"I was holding up the popcorn garlic."
Hanging more decorations.

"Chirping Chickadee and I were climbing the tree."
"It looked like sap that was under ice. It went all the way down to the bottom."
"I was hanging upside down on the stick."

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