Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May 24

"We were playing on log. It's not a seesaw anymore."
"They were riding on the log."
"The video man is taking pictures."
"I was eating snack with my little brother, sister and mom. I was eating an apple."
"I was making a squirrel trap with my friends."
" I was playing with the dead tree and some of my friends were down here with me and I climbed up on top of the tree and I found some kind of animal on it."
"My friend found some bones and fur."
"I found a centipede."
"I found some big giant worms and salamanders and centipedes and little tiny worms."
"We found a worm and a snail. When I holder it, it started to come out of it's shell a little."
"We got to make apple crisp in the woods."
"We were cutting the apples."
"And we were peeling apples."
"I made the word IT."
"I wrote the word WAS. The S was tricky because I was trying to remember which way a Z and an S go."
"We made the word THE together."
"My dad was finding letters with me and I drawed them."
"I did the ABC game and it was so much fun because I got to do all the letters except A."
"I was floating my boat and it tipped over and my friend got the small balls for me."
"I put my boat down and then my friend put his down and it was like a race and it was a tie."
"I was in the mud and I got stuck in the mud."
"My dad made a spoon for me because I didn't have one. I took the cover off my yogurt and my dad made the spoon."
"We made our own version of crisp apples and it was cooked over the fire."

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