Thursday, January 25, 2018

January 24th

"I was going to slide and my feet almost slipped so I was watching my steps."

"My friend and I were going down the hill and my friend crashed into me."

"I was cracking ice and it sounded and looked like glass."

"We were having a ride with Mrs. Brown."

"We are sliding down on Mrs. Hull."

"Everyone piled up on the hill and we were sledding down the hill."

"We were sledding on the field covered in ice."

"My friend was pulling me and two more sleds."

"I was pulling my friend in the sled and I was slipping."

"Miss Skilling was pulling me and then Miss Skilling let me go and I did a turn."

"My friend was trying to pull me and he fell down because he was tired."

"Me and my friend were sledding."

"I was pulling three sleds with four people on it."

"My friend and I were playing on the snowbanks and we were pretending that they were our houses and then we connected them to pretend they were one big house."

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