Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January 31

Once again our trail was covered in ice and it was too dangerous to go down (and up) to our woods space.  Instead we had a 'snowball fight', did some 'snowy' crafts, and then went out to the side field to play and learn.

"Me and my friends were having a snowball fight because we couldn't go out into the woods because the stairs were all ice."

"It was a paper snowball fight."
"There were 'must know words' on the snowballs and we would throw them, and then they would say stop.  We would open the snowball and have to say the must know word.  Like is, my, so, go, and like..."

"We were making snowflakes.  When we put the glue on it, you could put sparkles on it."

"I was making a snowflake.  I put dashes of glitter on the glue."

"We were making snowflake snowmen."

"We cut out pieces of paper ad we glued the paper onto the piece of paper."

"I was making my snowman with ripped paper."

"I was punching some holes out for my snowman's eyes and buttons."

"We were licking the ice, and then we were looking at all the cool bubbles that were frozen in the ice."

"I was jumping off the tire."

"We were trying to scare who ever was getting in the tire.  They would wonder what the noise was.  I was hiding."

"I was tired and I was laying in the tire."

"I found a big ice cube!"

"I slipped on the ice."

"My friend was holding a piece of ice and I was trying to get a piece of ice too.  If you put the ice in the sun it looks like there are crystals on it."

"She is trying to get a piece of ice out of the ground."

"We were playing deer, and my friend was pretending to sleep, and I ran to the mountain."
"We painted our 'must know words' on the snow."

"We were making 'must know words'.  We wrote words like no and is.  We used different colors to paint."

"I was painting in the snow."

"We were writing 'must know words' and I was writing 'we'."

"I was making a heart!"

We LOVE Wednesdays!

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