Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March 1

"It was very foggy outside."
"When I was in my sit spot I found this and it was stuck together."
"I was running in the water. It was kind of slippery so I kept on running."
"I had to hold on to the bench and run quickly."
"I was standing in a puddle."
"We were pretending to be king and queen and I was the queen."
"I made a spot for the mittens."
"My friend made a spot for the mittens while I was building with sticks to make the house stronger."
"I saw a hole and noticed it had lots more, so I pushed it down. I could push it down because it was dead."
"My friends were helping move a big log to the fort."
"I was trying to climb the tree."

"We were finding different colors."
"We were finding blue and red and green and brown and lots of colors."
"We were carrying a big log to the queens house."
"My friend was climbing the tree."
"My friend was trying to get up and he had to keep trying, trying to do it."
"I was finding moss."
"The sap was blue."
"Miss Skilling gave us paper and we had to look for the stuff on the paper."
"We were playing freeze tag and we had to tag a person and then a person who was not the tagger would untag the person who was frozen and you got to play again."
"We were making an obstacle course."
"There was a log on the ground and you had to jump on one side, jump in the middle and then jump on the other side."
"Me and Ms Rasco and all my friends were doing obstacle courses."
"My friend and I made a stick that we had to jump over."

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